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Our way, our menu


Valid from Monday to Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., excluding public holidays.

We serve you a small mixed salad with every menu.


M01 Dal Maharani G

Indian lentils prepared with butter


M02 Bombay Aalo spicy

Potatoes in a strong lemongrass sauce with rice and salad


M03 Aalo Matar

Potatoes with peas, rice and salad


M04 Aalo Saag

Potatoes with Indian spinach, rice and salad


M05 Navratan Korma H

fresh vegetables in coconut cream sauce with rice and salad


M06 Vegetable Jalfrezi

Various vegetables in traditional North Indian style

Rice and salad


M07 Palak Paneer

Cheese with Indian spinach, rice and salad


M08 Paneer Makhani G

Fresh homemade cheese in a butter masala sauce

Rice and salad


M09 Chana Masala

Chickpeas in curry with fresh tomatoes and ginger

with rice and salad


M10 Punjabi Chicken Curry

Tender chicken in spicy North Indian curry sauce

with rice and salad


M11. Mango chicken

Tender chicken in fresh mango-saffron cashew nut sauce, delicately seasoned with rice and salad. *H, K


M12. Chicken Sabzi

Chicken with fresh vegetables in curry sauce with rice and salad.


M13. Chana Chicken

Tender chicken in chickpeas and curry masala sauce with rice and salad.


M14. Chicken Tikka Masala

Tender chicken in masala sauce with rice and salad. *G


M15. Chicken Aalo Saag

Chicken and potatoes with Indian spinach with rice and salad.


M16. Chicken Jalfrezi (spicy)

Grilled chicken with peppers, onions, tomatoes and green chili with rice and salad.


M17. Mutton do Pyaza

Lamb with tomatoes and onions in yogurt curry sauce with rice and salad.


M18. Lamb okra curry

Tender lamb in Indian okra vegetables, rice, salad.


M19. Lamb Kerala

Tender lamb in curry sauce with fine spices with rice and salad.


M20. Lamb Korma

Tender lamb in nut sauce with coconut flakes and ground almonds with rice and salad. *G, H


M21. Beef Vindaalo

Strongly seasoned beef, very spicy with rice and salad.


M22. Beef masala

Tender beef in masala sauce with rice and salad. *G


M23. Kebab-e-Sangam

Freshly minced chicken, freshly prepared with coriander, ginger and garlic with salad, masala sauce and naan. *G


M24. Naan

Baked flatbread from the charcoal clay oven. *G


M25. Garlic naan

Baked flatbread with garlic from the charcoal clay oven. *G


M26. Cucumber Raita

Yogurt with cucumbers. *G


M27. Jeera Aalo

Potato with cumin.


M30. Mother Nature (Vegan)

Chana Masala (G) and Veg Korma (G, H)


M31. Veg lover

Paneer Butter Tomato and Mix Veg Jalfrezi. *G


M32. Home cooking

Palak Aalu and Dal Makhani. *G


M33. Spice up

Chicken Tikka Masala (G, H) and Chicken Malai (G).


M34. Tikka Taka Tak

Chicken Tikka (G) and spinach sauce.


M35. Chicken Sunrise

Chicken Aalu Saag and Chana Chicken (G).


M36. Tandoori Mix Platter G

Chicken marinated in various sauces and grilled in a clay oven and served with salad, masala sauce and naan bread (A1).



1= with preservative 6= with sweetener 

2= with flavor enhancer 7= contains caffeine 

3= with antioxidant 8= contains quinine 

4= with dye 9=blackened 

5=with phosphate 10=contains phenylalanine source 

Contains the following allergens: 

A= gluten-containing grains (wheat1, rye2, barley3, oats4, spelt5, 

Kamut6 , hybrid strains7 ) 

B= Crustaceans 

C= eggs 

D= fish 

E= Cashew 

E102, E122, E129 (May impair activity and attention in children) 

F= soy 

G= Milk and dairy products (including lactose) 

H= nuts (almond1, hazelnut2, walnut3, cashew4, 

Pecan5, Brazil Nut6, Pistachio7, Macadamia Nut8 and Queensland Nut9 

I= celery 

J= mustard 

K= Sesame seeds 

L= Sulfur dioxide and sulfites in a concentration of more than 10mg/kg 

or 10mg/l 

M= lupins 

N= mollusk 

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